Product Selection Options

Our products come in various sizes, quantities and packages. These can be broken down as either Case, Package (Pkg), Bag or Each. 

When the selection shows Case, it is a bulk items such as a 50lb bag of onions. Cases, although available for all clients, are generally requested by restaurants or stores. 

When the selection shows Pkg or Bag it is a predefined pre-packaged items. They are sold at a specific weight. For example a 2lb bag of grapes or a 8oz package of white mushrooms.

When the selection shows Each you are choosing an individual item such as an apple. 

Product Sizing:

Product sizes vary, when our product has a number at the end it is referring to the products size not the quantity. This number is more relevant to our restaurant/store clients.

Ex: Grapefruit (Each) 38's = Large Size / Grapefruit (Each) 45's = Medium Size