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Bacon - Creel & Gambrel - Smokehouse Country Bacon (Each)

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    This Smokehouse Country Bacon is produced using pork bellies sourced from Huron County, which is renowned as the most agriculturally productive county in Ontario. First the pork is trimmed and then dry curing is effectuated by rubbing the exterior of the meat with a blend of sea salt, sugar, spices, and other ingredients and allowing it to sit in its own juices for a period of time without the addition of water or phosphates. Dry curing typically results in a deeper, more robust flavor profile than bacon cured in brine.

    Once the curing is complete, the bacon is then carefully smoked over a mixture of maple and beech chips before the final air drying and packaging. Perfectly versatile, our Smokehouse Country Bacon can be incorporated in breakfast dishes, used to construct the ultimate BLT, or lovingly wrapped around roasted veggie bundles containing asparagus, carrots, and parsnips.